If you’re standing or sitting in Aurora, Colorado in Zip Code 80011 and asking yourself “Where is there a house or business locksmith near me” or “Where is there a [car locksmith near me” you’ve come to the right place. We are Gina’s Locksmith and we are your full service 24/7 fully mobile locksmith Aurora! We provide comprehensive locksmith services for home, business and auto every hour of every day of the year all holidays included. We can service, repair, and replace every lock on every door. We guarantee it! And that’s not just in Zip Code 80011, it’s every single location in Aurora. There’s no job too large or too small for Gina’s Locksmith. We should be your first call for locksmith services, especially if the situation is urgent, because we are THE ONLY 24/7/365 Mobile Locksmith in Aurora!


If you’re looking for a “Cheap Locksmith” Aurora, CO., you’re probably shorting yourself a bit. Our locksmith services are very competitively priced, but we don’t claim to be “cheap”. Just a word to the wise; a good price is something that you should expect and that we strive to provide. But being the cheapest service provider in any field isn’t much of an ambition. We are the best in our field and the best choice for your home, business, or car. Each of our mobile units is excellently equipped and driven by a consummate professional, a master locksmith who also receives ongoing training to keep up with all the new developments and late breaking techniques in our field.

Unlocking the Door


We have been THE Aurora, Colorado locksmith for many years. And that’s what allows us to reach you, usually within the hour, when you summon us by phone or online. And whether you send for us by phone or online we make it policy to have your summons answered by a salaried and trained employee who actually works for us, not some contract call center, and to have your assigned tech on the phone with you within a couple of minutes. Also, WE KNOW Aurora. GPS and Cell Phones are fine, but when you serve an area nothing beats knowing that area like the back of your hand. And we do!


Gina’s is your locksmith Aurora, CO! So, if you need a professional home, business, or automotive locksmith anywhere in Aurora soon, immediately or even RIGHT NOW we’re the service you should send for. And remember- we back up our work 100%, every job, every day, every hour, everywhere in Aurora.

We look forward to serving you!

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Aurora, CO

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