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Denver/Aurora Colorado & surrounding cities.

Hello from Gina’s Locksmith. Our company has been serving the entire Colorado Front Range for over a decade and in case you haven’t heard of us we’d like to introduce ourselves and make sure that you know a couple of things about us. Well, and one thing most particularly. While we have a technical Staff comprised completely of folks with the coveted Master Locksmith Classification, maintain highly competitive locksmith prices, and guarantee our products and services 100%, what we really want you to come away with when you read this short article is that Gina’s is a 24/7 locksmith that serves the entire Colorado Front Range. Allow us to expound on that. It’s not important for us to elaborate on our locksmith locations because we’re almost never standing still. If you need locks changed or locks rekeyed at any time of any day at any location in the Colorado Front Range Gina’s Locksmith is your best choice. WE COME TO YOU wherever you are, whatever time it is, whatever locksmith services you need we will be there for you. No job is too small or too large, and it’s never too early, too late or too far way for Gina’s locksmith!

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We hope that we didn’t give you the impression there that we just offer locksmith services for residences and businesses. We are also a fully mobile automotive locksmith so if you’ve got keys stuck in car or a broken key or even a defective ignition switch WE COME TO YOU, anywhere in the Front Range at any time. We can “Cut” a key for an older vehicle from the “Blanks” we carry with us just by checking out the VIN number. We also perform an all-inclusive array of Locksmith Key Programming, meaning that the devices, technical equipment and data access are on our mobile units to make sure that the Transponder Key, Key Fob or Remote Entry Key Device we create for your car works great! We also have a supply of the most common Ignition Switches in stock on our locksmith vehicles in case you’re having an ignition switch problem. GINA’S IS the ultimate 24 hour locksmith in the Colorado Front Range!

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And you can imagine that since we have this 24 hour mobile locksmith operational model that makes us the perfect 24 hour emergency locksmith. We’d like you to understand that we take our profession very seriously and we “Get It” that when you are locked out of your home, business or car, or there’s a key device malfunction that keeps your car or truck from running, it causes a truly dreadful sensation and it can sometimes actually put one in danger. And so, we feel that we have a DUTY to you and every customer or potential customer to treat these situations with an appropriate level of urgency. When you summon us 24/7/365 (and we MEAN 365) we will waste no time whatsoever in getting in route to you and we will not doddle about reaching you. We don’t get to use “Red Lights & Siren” but if we could, we would. You can send for us in one of two ways- by phone or by contacting us on our website (see contact details below). Of course, you can book our locksmith services any time that’s convenient for you. But when you really NEED us, day, or night, just be sure to make that clear to us and we’ll come like “Bats out of Ned’s Belfry”. Whichever way you contact us one of our well-trained Staff will do an ultra-quick assessment of your situation and location and then assign a Master Locksmith to the case. That locksmith will depart their location in a matter of minutes, if that, and then will usually reach your location in 45 minutes or less. 

Remember, we’re ready to come to your aid RIGHT NOW, whatever time NOW is!

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: (303) 381-3036

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