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Are you looking for a locksmith Green wood Village CO?

It looks to us like you are! We keep track of our online presence and we keep track of Greenwood Village. At Gina’s locksmith we KNOW Greenwood Village. All 8.3 square miles of her, every house, business, street, and highway in Zip Codes 80111, 80112, 80121 and 80237. Did you know that in the 1900’s the area was filled with cherry, apple, apricot, plum and pear orchards and that the Greenwood Ranch had EIGHT individual reservoirs on it? We did because we know Greenwood Village like we know our trade. We must, because we are the premier 24/7 locksmith serving the Village. And with us that means that our locksmith service runs 24 hours a day EVERY DAY including all holidays and responds to every location in the Village where we are needed- from South Clarkson Street to South Emporia Street, and from Mansfield Avenue to East Easter Avenue. Gina’s is both a residential locksmith and a business locksmith and each of our fine locksmith technicians maintains the unsurpassable Master Locksmith Certification while all our product and work are 100% guaranteed!

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But you might be asking, “Yeah, but can a locksmith start a car?”

Generally speaking- Yes. But we wish to go into a little detail on that. You see, Gina’s is also a 24/7/365 mobile car locksmith serving every location in the Village and locksmith services for cars comprise a large part of our business. So, we are always happy to send a tech on a car locksmith call any time day or night. In fact, we have our techs separated into two highly specialized teams; and the only techs that go out on “Car Calls” are car call specialists. Each of Gina’s mobile units carries all the blanks and equipment to “Cut” Old-Fashioned keys from your VIN number as well as all the tech gear and data access required to create the most modern and high-tech FOBs, “Smart Keys” and “Remote Entry” key devices required by late model cars. We also carry a broad selection of ignition switches and parts kits in case your problem lies there. Finally, we also offer a Car Lockout Service in case you’ve simply locked yourself out of your car, and in performing that task we assure you that we will not hurt you locks. As always, the services are 24/7/365 and 100% guaranteed!

Greenwood Village CO: About


A lot of local locksmiths advertise themselves a an Express Locksmith, although some of them really are not.

But Gina’s is certainly an express locksmith AND MORE. You can schedule any sort of locksmithing work you need to have done with us at any time that is convenient for you and we will arrive on time and successfully perform the work you have assigned us, satisfaction guaranteed. But also consider this: We are your best choice in an Emergency Locksmith serving the Village. Look, we know that most locksmith-oriented needs are unexpected and most at least feel like an emergency. And many of them really ARE AN EMERGENCY. So, your safety and well-being are our first concern. We DO NOT DALLY and we DO NOT LET OUR CLIENTS DOWN. 


When you need an emergency locksmith here’s what happens. You may send for us either via our website or by phone (contact details below). Your first contact will be with a well-trained and trustworthy Staff Person who will do a “Quick Assess” on your situation and then assign the best Professional Locksmith to your case. That Locksmith will contact you if they need any more detail or data and then leave immediately for your location. In most cases they will arrive where you are in 45 minutes or less. No locksmith serving Greenwood Village will be at your side more quickly than Gina’s will. And please remember, YOUR LOCKSMITH will be a specialist in the type of problem you are having, and all work and product are 100% guaranteed. 

We are awake, alert and standing by RIGHT NOW.

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392



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