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Greetings Lakewood, from Gina’s Locksmith! We are your FULL-SERVICE locksmith in Lakewood! And we would like a chance to earn your business, your trust and your friendship.

We are your locksmith Lakewood Colorado! We’ve been operating in Lakewood for years with a team of expert locksmith technicians who, despite being experts already, receive ongoing and regular additional training just to make sure that they are always abreast of each and every new development, technology and locksmithing advancement. The general locksmith skills at Gina’s are consummate. Any locksmithing task at a residence, business or other facility is more than within our level of expertise. We install, repair, or replace main door locks, sliding or patio locks, modern electrical and “Smart Locks”, gated area locks and even locking mailboxes. We will make the best recommendation in a lock product for you and have the work completed in a timely and professional manner. We are also a 24/7/365, all weekends and holidays included, fully mobile locksmith. Always awake and ready to roll. And, of course, our work is 100% guaranteed. So, every house, every street, business, neighborhood, and highway in Lakewood is within our service area.



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But you might ask, “What about my rolling stock?” Gina’s has you covered there as well because we are also THE auto locksmith Lakewood, CO!

Each of our mobile units is completely stocked with locksmith products and tools for all of those things that “aren’t going anywhere”. But we’re also totally “Geared Up” for things that do move, which makes us also your car locksmith Lakewood CO. If you’re in Lakewood you never need to be asking yourself “Is there an ignition locksmith near me?”, or “Is there any car key repair near me?” Because THERE IS! Gina’s Locksmith, 24/7/365! And by the way, frequently a damaged or malfunctioning key can be repaired, so let’s try that first. Ignition switches can also regularly be repaired. But whatever the case is, a Gina’s Mobile unit always arrives onsite with the expertise to repair or replace car keys and locks, unlock a car that you are locked out of, install a new ignition switch or perform “Locksmith Key Programming”, which is something that most cars made since about 1986 frequently require.

Lakewood Locksmith Lakewood CO

Yes, we are the Lakewood locksmith Lakewood CO, and we know the city like the back of our own hand, and we are always prepared to come to your service at every location anywhere in Lakewood. And as we mentioned, we always guarantee our work 100% and we strive to give you the best advice and provide you the best products in every case. There are cases when, for instance, there may be some insurance coverage for the work that you need to have done and we will also give your our best input on that, though we can never give you any type of “legal” opinion. There are two ways that you can send for us; either by phone our via our business website (contact details are below). Whichever way you send for us please rest assured that you will be helped by one of our own employees who is both trained and salaried. That Gina’s employee will get one of our experts in touch with you almost immediately and then will arrange to have that technician exactly where you need them to be, usually in under an hour. 

So, Lakewood, if you need a Lakewood locksmith now, as in right away, all you need to do is go on our website or give us a call and we’ll get started in your direction.

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


  1. Phone: 720-951-0392




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