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If you are looking for a full service locksmith, Parker CO, look no further, we are Gina’s Locksmith and we’ve been serving your City for years!

We serve every single location in Parker, Zip Codes 80108, 80134 and 80138- from South Chambers Road to Canterbury Trail, and from Cottonwood to the Crowfoot Valley. We are a 24 7 Mobile Locksmith, that’s 24/7/365, every hour of every day all Holidays and weekends included. We are always on the job and always on the alert, ready to fulfill your locksmith needs. Our 24/7/365 operational model makes us the perfect emergency locksmith for Parker, CO. And almost any urgent locksmithing requirement can at least feel like an emergency and some of them ARE EMERGENCIES! So, let us come to your rescue! We have a rapid response policy and our work and product is always 100% guaranteed. We are a first class and reasonably priced locksmith, though not precisely a cheap locksmith. Please let us caution you that a “Cheap Locksmith” isn’t always the best choice.

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The locksmith services we provide you in Parker are comprehensive. Gina’s excellent locksmith techs receive regular ongoing training to stay up to speed on new products and techniques and can install, service, repair or replace any lock on any door or window at your residence or business. This includes sliders, screens, industrial bay doors, gates on lots and secured areas and even locking mailboxes. We also provide a lockout service to get you back inside any building or structure you can legally enter that you’ve gotten locked out of, and we won’t damage your locks getting you back in.  No job is too large or too small and the work and product on each job is 100% guaranteed.

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Gina’s is also a fully mobile auto locksmith providing a complete array of automotive locksmith services. As such, we are frequently asked “Can you get a key made for a car with a VIN number?” Yes, on some cars. Prior to the inception of the FOB and Smart Key, etc., generally around 1986, no “Programming” was necessary to make a key “talk to a car” and so, on most cars older than 1986 that haven’t been modified the VIN will work. But if your car is newer than that, and most of them are, we can still help you. Each of our mobile locksmith units carries onboard all of the tech gear and data access capabilities required to perform “Locksmith Key Programming” which is what makes a modern “Key Device” work with and communicate with one, and only one, car. Our units also carry or can access a complete array of ignition systems and kits so we can repair or replace one of those as required. And of course we have a Car Lockout program so that we can get you back into a car that you are locked out of. And, just as in a home of business, we won’t damage your locks on a “Lockout Service” call.

Clearly, Gina’s is your locksmith, Parker, CO! But let us mention our “Rapid Response” time. We said we are an emergency locksmith and so we have procedures in place to get us to you very quickly- usually within 45 minutes of your first contact no matter where you are in Parker or what time or day it is. You may send for us either by phone or via our website (contact details below) and when you do you’ll be assisted by a well-trained Staffer who’ll assign a locksmith tech to your case and that tech will be at your side in under an hour almost certainly. There you have it- whatever locksmith services are called for performed by a consummate professional who can have the work started usually within 45 minutes of your first contact with Gina’s and all 100% guaranteed!

We’re standing by, wouldn’t now be a good time to call or send for us online?

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Phone: (720) 826-8282

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