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So, you’re trying to find a locksmith in Erie, CO. You’ve done a good job; you don’t have to look any farther. We are Gina’s Locksmith and we’ve been serving Erie for over 10 years, both of her Zip Codes of 80026 and 80516, from North 107th Street to I-25, and from Kenosha Road to East Baseline Road.

We have the whole town and its surroundings covered. We’re the locksmith Erie CO depends on! Gina’s is on the job being a locksmith 24 hours a day each day, every day, all holidays included. Our locksmith services are comprehensive and while we may not be “The Cheap Locksmith” in Erie, our locksmith services are superb, each of our technicians has a Master Locksmith Certificate and they undergo ongoing training to stay ahead of all of the developments and challenges in our industry. And here’s a quick tip; the cheap locksmith is seldom the GREAT locksmith. We can install, repair and replace the locks and keys for all of your business and residential windows and we maintain a 24 hour lockout service to get you back into a home or business that you’ve locked yourself out of. Now, sometimes we mention the 24 hour lockout service and someone will ask us, “Can a locksmith break into my house?” We just want to mention that that’s not really what a locksmith does. A Master Locksmith will pick or manipulate the lock to get you access to the building, but they won’t “Break in”. And at Gina’s we guarantee all our products and locksmith services 100%.


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But you may ask, “What if I’m not locked out of my house but out of my car? Are there car lockout services near me?” The short answer is “Yes, Gina’s is always near you in Erie.” Not only are we a 24/7 mobile locksmith for home and business but we are also a 24/7 mobile car locksmith as well. So, you see that we can get you into a car that you’re locked out of without damaging your locks but you may wish to know “Can a locksmith program my key fob?” Certainly- Gina’s can. In fact, we have part of our team detailed and trained to do just that level of master locksmith work. Each of their mobile units carries onboard all the tech gear and data access required to supply the full gamut of locksmith key programming for fobs, transponder keys and remote entry key devices. This “programming” is what is required in the bulk of cars manufactured after the mid-‘80s to make sure that the “Key Device” communicates with your car and with no one else’s. And, of course, for older cars we carry “Old Fashioned” key Blanks, and we can make a new key simply by accessing your VIN number. We also carry ignition switches and can swap one of those out for you if that’s the problem. You see? COMPREHENSIVE LOCKSMITH SERVICES 24/7/365 all weekends and holidays included.

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Gina’s is sure that with everything you’ve read here about our Express Locksmiths operating plan that you’ve already recognized that we are the best option in Erie in an Emergency Locksmith.  Obviously, you can schedule our services any time that is convenient for you but if you need an emergency locksmith or your situation is exigent or urgent simply let us know. When you do, here’s what will happen. First, you may summon us either by phone or via our website (contact details immediately below). After you speak briefly with one of our well-trained Staff a Master Locksmith will be assigned to your case. That locksmith will likely have a brief conversation with you themselves and then they will leave for your location in a matter of minutes. YOUR LOCKSMITH will arrive at your location usually in less than 45 minutes. We pride ourselves on always knowing that no other locksmith serving Erie will reach you in an emergency or urgent set of circumstances more quickly than Gina’s will. Not one of them. 

So, whatever locksmith-based challenge you’re facing, emergency or not, this would be a good time to send for us. And if you do need an emergency locksmith just stay calm. We’ll be with you usually in under an hour.

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392




24 Hours Mobile Locksmith

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