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Gina’s Locksmith has been serving the entire Colorado Front Range for over ten years. We provide Front Range residences unlimited 24 7 locksmith services and we have specialized Master Locksmith technicians who do locksmith work exclusively on cars and trucks. But Gina’s is also a provider, installer and servicer of all commercial locks and business locks. Each of our techs who work the “Corporate Beat” for Gina’s is, like all our techs, a Master Locksmith. We can provide any service that your business needs for commercial storefront door locks, we can change business locks or rekey or repair them and there’s no job to large, too small or too complex for Gina’s. From Pueblo to Ft. Collins our master techs will come to your commercial enterprise 24/7/365, every hour of every day or night, all holidays and weekends included, rain, shine, snow, whatever. Our prices are eminently reasonable, and we guarantee our products and our services 100%.



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One thing that we definitely understand at Gina’s is that any commercial enterprise that has, and most of them do, employees and customers on the inside of a building, shop or warehouse needs to have complete confidence that in the event of an emergency those HUMANS must be able to easily and readily exit the structure. But we also know that if someone is exiting the structure through a portal designated for emergencies it is also critical that Management and Staff be made aware immediately if an emergency exit has been used. It will most likely indicate that a legitimate “escape” has been made and you really want to know about those! But the use of such an exit may also give warning that something illegitimate or untoward is going on. And you want to know about that too. So, we sell, install and service an array of fire push bar locks like a panic bar with alarm function or an emergency exit panic bar with alarm that is specifically designed, manufactured and sold for emergency exits from buildings.


The function, design and cost of commercial door lock types is almost unlimited and Gina’s knows them all, how to install them, how to service them, and even how design and fabricate site specific or enhanced commercial doors and configurations.

You can have us come out to your business any time to give you a free estimate on any of our commercial door lock types and designs. We do them all, including security configurations for bay doors, roll ups, gated areas and even locking mailboxes. But let us just return to those two words “ANY TIME”. Our 24/7/365 fully mobile operating policies make us the perfect emergency locksmith for businesses in the Front Range. Now, if you’ve ever had, at your business, a door you couldn’t enter or that wouldn’t close securely as designed, or one that customers and staff couldn’t exit as designed, you KNOW that that is an emergency. A very real one. And in moments like that you can’t afford to be waiting around for a locksmith tech to come to your aid. You need to have those types of problems handled and handled quickly. As quickly as humanly possible no matter what time of day or night or what day or night of the week it is. And this is where Gina’s is there for you. You can schedule our services any time convenient for you but in exigent circumstances we will get to you faster than any other locksmith that we know of. Here’s how we work that. You can contact Gina’s either by phone or via our website (look below for contact details). If your challenge needs to be handled NOW just tell us that. One of our well-trained Staff will get a Master Locksmith assigned to your case in a matter of minutes and that tech will head out for your location almost instantly. Then your technician will arrive at your location usually in under 45 minutes and start getting your problem resolved. Remember, no job too large, small or complex and all products and services are guaranteed. 

We look forward to working with you and becoming your Commercial Locksmith.

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith




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