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Hi there; looks like you may have a car key replacement challenge staring you in the face. Well, you’re in good hands if you decide to put yourself in our hands. We are Gina’s Locksmith and we’ve been serving the ENTIRE Colorado Front Range for about a dozen years.

Many folks we speak to are surprised to learn that a tremendous amount of our business actually consists of car key replacement, repair or other car locksmith assignments. In fact, at Gina’s we actually have technicians with their Master Locksmith Certification assigned almost exclusively to a locksmith for cars workload. So, when you send for a car key replacement or similar service from Gina’s you are getting a Specialist in that area of locksmithing. We are also a 24 hour locksmith- and we really mean that at Gina’s, no poppycock. We will come to your rescue anywhere in the Colorado Front Range at any hour of any day, all weekends and holidays included. And please be advised that all our work and all of our products are 100% guaranteed while we charge most competitive locksmith prices.

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So, what does an automotive locksmith do when it comes to car key replacement?

For decades it was just a question of “Key Cutting”; this is when you take a “Key Blank” and cut the correct pattern into its shaft to fit the car ignition and start the car. Now, we still do that for cars that are from about the mid-1980s or older and we can obtain the correct shaft pattern just from the cars VIN number. But starting in the ’80s there has been a huge and complicated evolution that has brought us ever more complicated “chipped” car key devices like Transponder Keys, Key Fob instruments and Remote Keyless Entry tools. Each of these “Car Key Devices” requires Locksmith Key Programming to “Code” them such that they speak to your, and ONLY YOUR, car. Car key programming IS Not something that you even want to go near if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing, believe us! Which is why it is Gina’s policy to send a car key replacement specialist out on all these calls. And every Gina’s “Mobile Locksmith Shop” carries onboard all of the “Blanks”, replacement key fob units etc. as well as all of the technical equipment and data access required to create, or more accurately, recreate the exact key device that you require and get you back on the road.

Car Key Replacement: About
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And that is a perfect segue into something that we’ve already touched on but want to reiterate. If you have lost your car key device or have damaged it beyond function it’s an urgent situation- you have places to go, things to see and people to speak with. You don’t need THIS. Or, worse, if you have the same lost or damaged key scenario but this time, you’re on an “Iffy” dark and unfamiliar street it is an EMERGENCY! Are you going through something like that right now? RIGHT NOW? OK- take a deep breath, see if you can get somewhere safe and comfortable and send for us. Here’s how to do that, we can be summoned either by phone or via our website (see contact data immediately below). When you first make contact one of our well trained Staff will do a “Quick Asses” on your situation and then assign a Master Locksmith to your case. YOUR LOCKSMITH may speak with you a moment directly but regardless, your locksmith will get headed your way almost immediately and will arrive at your location usually with 45 minutes or less ANYWHERE IN THE COLORADO FRONT RANGE. You see, Gina’s is not JUST your locksmith, we are your Emergency Locksmith. Damaged key, lost key replacement, key fob programming- whatever automotive locksmith service you require Gina’s will get the job done for you and its quality will be 100% guaranteed. 

Now, and especially if you’re having an urgent problem, send for us.

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392



Car Key Replacement: About
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