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Are you looking for a GREAT locksmith Thornton?

A FULL SERVICE 24 7 Mobile Locksmith that knows and serves YOUR PLACE? Well, by finding our website you have found exactly that in Gina’s Locksmith! We have been serving Thornton for years and when we say that we are a 24 7 mobile locksmith we MEAN IT, 24/7/365 all weekends and holidays included. And we will hurry to every home, business, street, byway, and highway in any of the Thornton Zip Codes- 80023, 80233, 80241, 80602, 80640, 80229, 80234, 80260, and 80614. And that is ALL of Thornton’s Zip Codes. Of course, we recognize that everyone is watching their MONEY these days and you may have been looking for THE cheap locksmith Thornton, CO, but please allow us to mention something very honestly to you: The cheapest locksmiths are seldom, if ever, the best locksmiths. And sometimes they’re not even particularly good locksmiths. That’s why they’re the cheapest locksmiths.

Gina’s isn’t the cheapest. But we are a competitively and fairly priced locksmith and we will put our work up against the work of any other Thornton locksmith head to head for quality and we guarantee our work 100%!


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Gina’s is YOUR Full Service Thornton locksmith, period.

We can service, repair, or replace any lock on any door or window at a business or a residence including electrical and computer programmed Smart Locks and Smart Home interfaced devices. Any door means any door, Front, Back, Sliders, Screens, High Security, and warehouse or business loading bay doors. If you have a gated yard, we will bring comprehensive service to its locking security system and we can even install, service, repair and replace the locks on locking mailboxes and drop boxes. See, Full Service 24/7/365.



We are also your car locksmith 24 hour days, 7 day a weeks, 52 week a years. Almost any automobile locksmith can “Cut” a key for an older model car, but Gina’s expert locksmith technicians can also perform the complex array of “Locksmith Key Programming”, which is to say that for any modern, chipped and programmed car key device- FOBs, Smart Keys- we have all the Tech and data access onboard each of our “Mobile Locksmith Shops” that is required to make sure that your new key speaks to one and only one specific car, and that it speaks to that car ALL THE TIME. But can a locksmith fix an ignition switch? A locksmith tech from Gina’s Locksmith sure can. Please be advised that many another locksmith employee CANNOT. We, however, carry in our mobile units, or can quickly access, almost any ignition switch that exists in the market environment and we can either repair your ignition switch, if that’s the problem, or replace it, if that’s called for, and keep you on the road. Thornton, Gina’s is THE locksmith for car ignition problems in our city.

Gina’s is your car locksmith Thornton CO!

So, hopefully by this time you’ve decided to use Gina’s as you local 24 7 Mobile Locksmith. Good- that’s a wise decision! And you have our word that when you send for us, we will have our expert tech ON SITE at your location, usually in under 45 minutes. Here’s how that works. Gina’s can be summoned either by phone or via our website (contact details directly below). Either way you elect to call us out to your location you will first be helped by a trained and salaried staff member who’ll assign your locksmith tech to the case, and then that tech will be standing next to you very quickly, as we say, usually in under an hour. Again, our work is 100% guaranteed and we will strive to keep you comfortable and happy that you did business with us and, hopefully, have you decide to make us YOUR Thornton locksmith forever!

We are waiting for your instructions right now.

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392

Website: http:/



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