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Looks like you’re trying to find a locksmith, the best you can get, in Commerce City, Colorado. Are you a resident of Commerce City? Or just visiting and having a locksmithing concern and asking yourself where is the closest locksmith to me? Well, if you’re in Commerce City you’ve found US, Gina’s Locksmith, and you won’t do better than that. We serve all the city’s Zip Codes: 80022, 80037, 80216, 80239, 80249, 80603 80640. Gina’s is a 24/7 locksmith and we are COMPREHENSIVELY MOBILE. When we say “24/7” we mean 24/7; at every hour of every day, including weekends and holidays, we will come to your location everywhere in Commerce City from I-76 to 48th Avenue and from the South Platte River to the Prairie Gateway Open Space. Each of our Locksmith Technicians possesses the unassailable Master Locksmith Certification and yet still undergoes regular training so that they stay abreast of everything good and bad in the industry. We have the most fair and competitive locksmith prices and all our work and product are 100% guaranteed. No job is too small, too large, too easy or too challenging for Gina’s. No lock system on any door or window, on any residence or business, is beyond the scope our skills, including the most “High Tech” electronic and “Smart Locks”. We can install locks, service them, repair and replace them, open them in “Lock Out” situations and rekey them. Gina’s replaces and repairs all manner of keys and we bring such full services to gated lots and yards and even locking mailboxes. And, as we mentioned, all 100% guaranteed.

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Now you might be saying “Yeah, but how do I get a key replacement for my car?”

Or “Can a locksmith make a key fob?” No worries- Gina’s can help you in those issues AND MORE! That’s because Gina’s is also a 24 hour auto locksmith who’ll come to your rescue to every street, road, lot, address, highway and even alley in Commerce City. As to replacing keys, Gina’s can replace any key, “Old Fashioned” or “Cutting Edge. You see, we can “Cut” an Old-Fashioned key for you with just your VIN number to work from. And each of our mobile units has all the tech gear and data access onboard to create, or recreate, the most modern Fobs, Smart Keys and Remote Entry key devices that require locksmith key programming. Moreover, we offer an around the clock Lock Out Service to get you back into a car you’re locked out of and we won’t damage your car locks. One more important thing on this; each one of the techs we dispatch on automotive locksmith calls is a specialist in automotive locksmith work! 

You just can’t beat that.



We reckon that you’ve already figured something out about us from all we’ve said so far but, sorry, we have to mention it anyway. We are your very best choice for a 24/7 Emergency Locksmith anywhere in Commerce City. We take our profession very seriously and we understand the responsibilities it places on us. Sometimes a client who needs locksmith services isn’t in a hurry. But at other times the client needs something taken care of right away or they are facing an actual emergency that can worsen by the moment and has the potential of becoming dangerous. WE WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN in situations like that. So, schedule our services at your convenience or, when the matter is urgent let us know and we’ll get to you more quickly than any other locksmith in the city. Here’s how we work that. You can summon us either by phone or via our website (contact info below). When you make contact, one of our smart and dependable Staffers will assess your situation and assign a Gina’s Master Locksmith to your case. That locksmith will contact you to see if there’s any more info or detail that they need and then they’ll embark for your location immediately, usually arriving in 45 minutes or less. 

So, now’s a good time to contact us. Most especially if you feel your situation is in any way urgent. If it is, we’ll be on out way to you in minutes!

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392




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