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Highlands Ranch! Howdy from Gina’s Locksmith! Gina’s is your 24 hour locksmith Highlands Ranch, and we’ve been serving the neighborhood for over a decade. The Highlands Ranch neighborhood has been incorporated since 1981, but did you know that it had been real ranch country for over 100 years before that? Horse and cattle ranching gave over to potato farming and oil exploration, but it still retains that ranch country feel and we love working here. We are a 24 7 locksmith and a perfectly mobile locksmith with comprehensive locksmith services delivered to all Highlands Zip Codes of 80124, 80125, 80126, 80129, 80130 and 80163 every hour of every day including holidays and weekends! So, from Highway 85 to Quebec Street, and from East County Line Road to Skydance Drive we ALWAYS HAVE Highlands Ranch Covered. Gina’s can expertly install, service and repair any lock on any door or window at your home or business. Perhaps you’re asking “will a locksmith open your house or your business?” YES- we supply a 24/7/365 “Lockout Service”. Our work and service are always 100% guaranteed and each of our technicians maintains a Master Locksmith Certificate and receives regular and ongoing training.


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Gina’s is also your mobile auto locksmith Highlands Ranch.

We will send you an expert locksmith anywhere in The Ranch all the time to make or repair car keys, to include the locksmith key programming that is required on almost all modern cars. Of course, on older models we can “cut” a key just from the VIN. This is where some folks say “Does Autozone make car keys? Why don’t I just go there?” Well, you cannot- you’ve lost or destroyed your car key device which is why we come to you! You don’t want to have your car towed to Autozone or a dealership when you can have us at your side anywhere in the Ranch saving your time and money! Also, we carry ignition switch kits in all our mobile units so if that’s the problem we can get that worked out for you as well. Just send for Gina’s, our contact details are below.



Now we know that you have already got your hands around the fact that with our 24/7/365 fully mobile operating model we are EXACTLY what you need when an Emergency Locksmith is called for.

And we hope that you will think of us as YOUR EMNERGENCY LOCKSMITH. We deeply appreciate the duties of our profession and the responsibilities that these place upon us. We are well aware that many, if not most, times you realize that you need a locksmith it at least feels like an emergency and we also know that in many cases it really is an emergency. So, Gina’s will never keep you waiting, and we will never let you down. You can schedule any service at any time that is convenient for you. But if it’s urgent or you just want the work accomplished immediately here is how it works. You can send for us one of two ways- by phone or via our website. Whichever you elect you will first be served by a trusted and well-trained Staffer who will do a rapid assessment of your problem and situation and assign a Master Locksmith to your case. The Locksmith will have you brief them on the situation and then will depart almost immediately for your location- NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN HIGHLANDS RANCH OR WHAT TIME IT IS- and they will usually arrive at your location in under 45 minutes. So, if you’ve found us on this webpage and you have an emergency or any other urgent situation you should send for us right now. Or you can, as before, schedule our services any time you like. And remember, our work and product are 100% guaranteed.

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Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392



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