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So, we see that you’re actively looking for your best option in a locksmith, Lafayette CO!

Gina’s has been serving Lafayette for more that a decade and we’re a fully mobile 24 hour locksmith and we’ll come to you every hour of every day, holidays and weekends included, everywhere in Lafayette’s 80026 Zip Code, from Lookout Road to the Northwest Parkway, and from Elgin Drive to East County Line Road. So, if you’re in Lafayette you never have to be wondering “Where is there a locksmith near me?” Gina’s is always near you in Lafayette and always ready to come to your assistance. Our technicians are all Master Locksmiths who receive ongoing training in all the new developments in the locksmith industry as well as recently surfaced problems with products so that we are ALWAYS AHEAD OF THE CURVE. When it comes to residences and businesses there isn’t any lock that we can’t open, service, repair or replace- including the highest tech “Smart Locks”. If you need to have a lock problem addressed on a regular door, security door, slider, gate, industrial bay or even a locking mailbox door we’re the ones you should call for. And our work is always most competitively priced and 100% guaranteed.

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We are also your best bet in a locksmith for cars in Lafayette. Just as we are a residential and business 24 hour locksmith we are also a 24 hour auto locksmith so if you need Lafayette CO car keys any time day or night send for Gina’s. Our 24 hour lockout service applies to cars just as it applies to homes and businesses and we pledge that we won’t damage your locks when we “get you back inside” whether it’s a building or a car. Whatever you need in a car key device; “Old Fashioned” keys, Fobs, Transponder Keys or the highest tech “Smart Keys” we can handle it for you. For cars older than around 1986 we can “Cut” your replacement key just by viewing your car’s VIN number. More recent key device types require Locksmith Key Programming and each of our mobile units is equipped with all of the technical gear and access to online data we need to create whatever it is you need to get your later model vehicle rolling again. And because we know that sometimes what appears to be a “Key Problem” is actually an ignition switch problem each Gina’s vehicle has a wide variety of common ignition switches and parts kits so we can swap out an ignition switch if we need to. If we don’t have the switch that you need “Onboard” we can usually get it very quickly. As always, products and service are 100% guaranteed.

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We know that you’ve already surmised from everything that you’ve read here that Gina’s is a perfect choice in an Emergency Locksmith. Our fully mobile 24/7/365 business model and our 100% satisfaction guarantee makes that pretty clear. And we are professionals who take our profession very seriously; we know that being locked out of or having any access failure to a residence, business or vehicle can be a REAL EMERGENCY and when you need us on that basis we’ll always treat your situation with the gravity that it deserves. Of course, if you are confident that you are not having an emergency you can schedule our services at any time convenient for you. But when you need us NOW, we’ll be coming NOW. Here’s how to get a Gina’s Master Locksmith headed your way. You can send for us either by phone or via our website (contact details directly below). Either way you’ll first be assisted by one of our well-trained Staff who will assign a locksmith tech to your case. If the matter is urgent, just let us know. In that case YOUR LOCKSMITH will leave the shop in a matter of moments and get headed to your location anywhere in Lafayette. And your locksmith will be AT your location, usually in under 45 minutes. We pride ourselves not just on being responsive, but on being RAPID RESPONSIVE. No Lafayette locksmith will reach you more quickly than Gina’s will. 

We’re on duty, wide awake and waiting for your call right now!

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