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We see that you’re looking for a locksmith in Englewood, CO. And we would observe that you’ve done a very good job in your search because you’ve found US- Gina’s Locksmith, and we are the best locksmith Englewood bar none. In all Englewood Zip Codes we are The Locksmith 80112, 80110, 80111, 80113, 80150, 80151 and 80155. In case you didn’t know, that’s ALL of Englewood, every house, business, street, alley, park, restaurant and highway. Full and complete coverage of the entire city. We are also a 24/7 locksmith and a mobile locksmith 365 days a year, all holidays included, meaning that WE COME TO YOU. So, if you’re in Englewood right now and asking yourself or someone else “Where do I find quality locksmith services RIGHT NOW?” you’ve found the right place. We never sleep and we are ready to roll to your location RIGHT NOW.

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So, now you have the answer to the “local locksmith services near me” question and we can start working on getting some help to you. We have the most comprehensively equipped locksmith trucks and our locksmiths are the most professional and well trained in the business. They also receive ongoing training so there’s no late breaking developments or new technologies that our Staff aren’t right on top of. We guarantee it! There’s no lock or lock system at your residence or business that we can’t repair or replace (as called for) including gates, sliders and locking mailboxes.



Did we just hear you ask, “Yeah, but ‘who can you call to unlock your car?” Well that’s us too, Gina’s Locksmith. We are also a 24/7/365 mobile car locksmith! And it’s not just a question of providing lockout services to get you back into a car when you’re locked out of it. We can change ignition switches, make new keys when necessary and we perform locksmith key programing- which is what allows more modern key devices to “Talk To” one and only one specific car. 

As you can see, Gina’s is your premier locksmith Englewood! 

You can send for us either by phone or from the website. When you do, we’ll usually have your locksmith technician standing next to you within the hour. And for most of our runs it will actually take less time than that. 

Gina’s Locksmith, we should be your first choice and you should send for us right now. Then we’ll be heading your way in a matter of minutes!

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392



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