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Hello Colorado! Greetings from Gina’s Locksmith, Colorado’s best 24 7 locksmith! We offer residential locksmith services THROUGHOUT the Colorado Front Range and we’ve been doing so for twelve years. And we mean “THROUGHOUT” and we mean 24/7/365. We will bring you local locksmith services anywhere in the Front Range- every town, city and neighborhood and we’ll bring those services every hour of every day and night, all holidays and weekends included. We are your front door locksmith, your back door locksmith and your every door locksmith. If you need duplicate keys made, locks changed, locks rekeyed, locks serviced or replaced, or opened when you’ve locked yourself out we will come to your location and get what you need done at a fair and competitive price. All our technicians have their Master Locksmith Certification and we guarantee all of our work and product 100%. We are your Colorado locksmith for sliding glass doors, screen doors, gated yards and properties, windows and we even sell and install burglar proof French doors- AND MORE!



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We pride ourselves on having the very best products for you and favor Schlage locks and Kwikset locks but can offer you some other high quality/lower cost products as well. Security is KING and we offer the best deadbolt locks and the best keyless door locks which are frequently referred to as “Electronic Locks” or “Smart Locks”. And remember, we’re a mobile 24 hour locksmith so if you want the work completed RIGHT NOW or feel that you have an emergency on your hands we come to your home day or night and are always happy to do so with the best deadbolts and safest and highest tech keyless entry locks all with a 100% guarantee!

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Being a thoroughly mobile locksmith also makes us the perfect residential emergency locksmith. We offer a 24/7/365 house lockout service to get you home, safe, and comfortable if you get locked out of your home. And we understand and take very seriously indeed the hazardous situations that a person may find themselves in when the security of their residence has been compromised. Now, you can schedule our services anywhere at any time that is convenient for you. But if you need to get us to your door right away, we treat the call with the urgency it deserves, and we WILL NOT let you down. Here’s how to get us in one of our “Mobile Locksmith Shop” vehicles and on our way to you. You may summon us either by phone or by going on our website (contact specifics directly below). When you send for us you will first be assisted by a conscientious and well trained Staff person who will do a rapid assessment of your situation and then  assign the Master Locksmith nearest you at that instant to your case. Then that locksmith will be on the phone with you in minutes and on their way to you almost immediately. In most cases YOUR LOCKSMITH will arrive at your location in 45 minutes or less. Here at Gina’s we are dedicated to the proposition that no other locksmith has standard operating procedures that will get them there to assist you faster than Gina’s.  

So, go ahead and schedule us at your convenience or if the matter is “Pressing” let us know and a Gina’s Master Locksmith will be standing next to you in about 45 minutes. 

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392



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