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There’s a big difference between a local locksmith who feels no urgency about their profession and a locksmith that has designed their Business Model around being an Emergency Locksmith.

Gina’s Locksmith has been serving the ENTIRE Colorado Front Range for over a decade and we feel the URGENCY that is inherent in the locksmithing trade. We appreciate that being locked out of your home, business or car, or having a key device failure that prevents entry to a building or the operation of a car is almost always a personal emergency and sometimes can even be well and truly dangerous. Which is why we pride ourselves on being a 24 hour mobile locksmith that will dispatch a technician with a Master Locksmith Certification to you ANYWHERE in the Colorado Front Range at every hour of every day, all holidays and weekends included, full stop, end of sentence.  We are your emergency-focused local locksmith ready to come to your assistance at any address, on any street or highway, at any mall, lot or alley anywhere in the Front Range ALL THE TIME. And our products and service are 100% guaranteed.


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Need a Locksmith Right Now

So, if you are saying to yourself or someone else “I need a locksmith right now!’: Gina’s is the company to call in the Colorado Front Range. We are both a 24/7/365 residential locksmith as well as a 24/7/365 commercial locksmith. There is no job too large, too small, too complex, or too simple for our Certified Master Locksmiths. Gina’s can service, repair or replace any lock on any commercial or residential loading bay, front door, back door, security door, slider, screen or gate and that includes electronic door locks and all other modern and “Old Fashioned” locks. We provide the finest brand in structural door locks as well as a selection of more moderately priced brands (though we always recommend the highest quality and most secure locks and lock systems). And part of our service suite is our 24 hour lockout service. So, if you’re standing outside of any building that you need to be in, and you have the right to be in, and we’ll get you back in and won’t damage your existing locks when we do so.

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Like saying “I need a locksmith right now!” you might also be saying “Oh No! I locked myself out of my car!” Easy does it, easy does it. Take a few deep breaths. We can help you. Gina’s is also a 24 hour auto locksmith and our 24 hour lockout service applies to cars as well as businesses and residences. We’re here to help you, or, we can be THERE to help you very quickly. And as we said, we won’t damage your locks getting you back into your car. But as Master Locksmiths we can do much more for you than open your car. Each of our mobile locksmith shop vehicles is comprehensively equipped and we can perform such simple tasks as “Cutting” you an “old Fashioned” key by looking at your VIN number. We can also perform the most complex locksmith key programming. Which is what you need with more modern key devices like Transponders, Fobs and “Remote Entry” key devices. Each of these must be programmed to one, and only one, vehicle. If that’s what you need you don’t want to call someone to your location who can’t provide that service.

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Please bear with us as we reiterate that we will come to you as quickly as humanly possible at ANY location at ANY time in the Colorado Front Range.

If your situation IS NOT urgent you can use our contact points to make an appointment with Gina’s at any time and place that is convenient for YOU. But if YOUR PERCEPTION is that you need an Emergency Locksmith then that will be OUR PERCEPTION too. So, to schedule a regular non-urgent appointment or to ask us to bring you our RAPID RESPONSE locksmith services. Reach out to us you will be assisted by a well-trained Staff Person who will do a quick assessment of your situation and if you want a Rapid Response, you’ll get one. The Staffer will assign your problem to a Master Locksmith who will embark for your location almost instantly. And then that Master Locksmith will arrive at your location usually within 45 minutes. Just must stay cool, stay safe and know that Gina’s is on the way.

So- need a locksmith right now?

Gina’s 24-Hour Locksmith


Phone: 720-951-0392

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